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E3IQ provides cutting edge Extended Reality (XR) products & services to help industries in digital transformation by significantly elevating efficiency of training and operations

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E3IQ empowers your business to unlock the full potential of your workforce in new ways. We have various resources which help you create and optimize your XR applications and solutions for a greater immersive experience. Our specialist design and development team will work on XR and VR tools, App performance optimization, specialized core optimization, audio and computer vision.


An XR-powered gamified enterprise learning management system with integrated analytics to streamline training for critical business assets.

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AR powered real-time and remote assistance tool for comprehensive work instructions and troubleshooting

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  • Increase in retention rate

  • Increase in user engagement

  • Shortened time to resolution

  • Increase in first time fix rate

  • Reduction in down-time

Services we offer

Custom XR

Tailor-made XR applications to fit specific customer requirements

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XR content creation
and deployment

We Create, Optimize and deploy platform agnostic high-quality XR content

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experience centers
set-up & Maintenance

Installation and maintenance of XR experience centers for customers.

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Industries We Serve


E3IQ AutoXR allows plant managers to simulate the production process and assembly line configurations, identifying potentially dangerous situations. Simulating training procedures in realistic virtual environment will eliminate need of physical equipments, thus reducing the production/manufacturing expenses.


From developing new life-saving techniques to training the doctors of the future, XR has a multitude of applications for health and healthcare, from the clinical to the consumer. E3IQ offers XR solutions to train & support healthcare professionals, change lives and heal patients. Our XR solutions make it possible to conduct clinical researches in a realistic virtual environment.


E3IQ offers implementation of XR in the military for training programs. This training may be a useful tool for military as they can learn procedural maintenance and cultural and soft skills.

Aviation & Aerospace

E3IQ streamlines and safeguards critical operations across the airline and aerospace industry by employing extended reality. Our XR solutions including virtual and augmented reality software and content services are designed to integrate well into on-ground and in-flight systems. With function-specific AR and VR solutions, we optimize routine aerospace and aviation processes with quality and efficiency


The future of learning may be immersive tech in education, E3IQ’s approach to education helps in accelerating learning and awareness of present and future technologies operating across the extended supply chains. The best practice business methods makes it more affordable and accessible to educators and students.

Media & Entertainment

E3IQ designs and builds immersive XR content for the media and entertainment industry using augmented and virtual reality technologies. We are disrupting the dimensions of gaming and cinematic experiences with our exhaustive range of custom XR applications, and content creation services. Our team of XR professionals implements customer-centric methodologies to create interactive and scalable AR/VR content for optimum consumer satisfaction and ROI


E3IQ XR solutions give you retail stores that sell more. Our solutions are aimed at enhancing customer experiences while boosting your sales. Our XR retail solutions like a mobile VR headset for product testing at home by customers, will provide transformative value to your business.

Use Cases

Industrial Safety Training

Skill Development

Remote Assistance

Collaborative Design Reviews

Real-time Process Assistance

360 ° Live Video Streaming

Partners and Clients

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