Digital Transformation Catalyst powered by XR for Enterprise

E3IQ™ aims to help enterprise customers craft innovative Extended Reality (XR) solutions that are designed to reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity and improve customer experience.

Increases retention rates of
learning objectives

Increases user engagement
& learning efficiency

Reduces time to relay the
complex information with XR.


Increases first-time
fix rate.

Shortens time to


E3IQ™ XR software maximizes workforce potential to unlock new capabilities and revenue streams. Our seasoned XR software development team is skilled at using AI technologies like computer vision and predictive analytics. It enables us to develop high-performance VR applications for immersive training, equipment maintenance, and video surveillance.


An XR-powered gamified enterprise learning management system with integrated analytics to streamline training for critical business assets.


Real-Time predictive maintenance and remote assistance application for preemptive asset monitoring and comprehensive work instructions.


A surveillance drone solution for monitoring sensitive locations by streaming processed data across XR HMDs.


AI powered face recognition system built exclusively for Augmented Reality HMDs. IDXR offers superior 99.8 % accuracy with lighting fast matching against billions of records.

99.98% Accuracy

Lighting fast facial recognition againts millions of records

State of the art AI engine

Non intrusive identification

Hands-free operation


Custom XR applications

Industry-oriented and domain-specific XR applications to match customer requirements

XR content creation & deployment to E3IQ™ platform

High quality and platform-agnostic XR content creation, optimizations, and deployment

Immersive experience centers & maintenance

Establishment of XR experience centers and hardware system maintenance

XR Trainings

Seamless and quality employee training with VR and AR technologies


Industries we serve

Industrial and Manufacturing

Military and

Healthcare & Medicine



Media and Entertainment

Use Cases


Remote Assitance

Predictive Maintenance

Real time assistance