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RealXR™ is an application for remote assistance and real time assistance powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies. It delivers immersive content in real-time to fix anomalies from remote locations before complete asset failure occurs.

RealXR™ simplifies remote assistance

with AR-enabled video streams to connect experts and maintenance personnel. The software enables immersive and collaborative AR assistance to perform complex production tasks 

Powered by XR™

RealXR™ reinforces preemptive actions for asset failure using AI-led predictive analytics. It strengthens preventive maintenance while reducing unanticipated breakdowns with interactive AR application to connect operators and professionals

The real-time immersive content

delivered by RealXR™ is significantly improves first-time fix rates. From software development to manufacturing units, RealXR™ enables the adoption of AR technologies to deliver better services


RealXR™ maximizes the ROI of enterprise assets by delivering the following advantages

Resolution Time

Collaborative AR-infused video streaming ensures a significant reduction in issue resolution time

Higher Production

Industrial manufacturing process improvement achieved by analyzing machine data to make better production decisions

Operational Cost

Reduction in maintenance costs by replacing manual analysis with AI-powered predictive analytics over AR HMDs

Extended Asset

Accurate identification of machine performance parameters with AR and AI technologies for better asset management

Use Cases

Remote Assistance

Enhancing remote assistance capabilities with immersive real-time content delivered by RealXR™

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Real-Time Process Assistance

Achieving logistical efficiencies with AR-powered transportation, warehousing, and route-optimization

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Ensure Asset Longevity with RealXR™

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